Founded & formulated by Daron Hope, Earthtonics is located in Ojai Ca. and rooted in nature. Her  proprietary tonics draw from ancient herbal knowledge, blending exquisite artisanal, sustainably-harvested botanicals from her backyard garden and around the globe, restoring skin and spirit and to allowing  true & vibrant beauty to shine.   
It All Starts with Incredible Ingredients
Daron trusts the inherent wisdom of the plants she chooses for her tonics. She  knows them to be vibrant healers who have evolved over millennia, offering their unique healing properties in perfectly balanced proportions.
Blending botanicals in their most wholesome, unadulterated forms for maximum efficacy, bioavailability and aromatherapy.
Ingredients are sourced locally from organic growers and artisan distillers, and sustainably-sourced from remote corners of the Earth where certain rare botanicals thrive.
Violet Glass
EarthTonics are bottled in recyclable Violet Glass, a vessel used since ancient Egyptian times to retain potency of medicines. These bottles bathe our skincare in Violet light, elevating their energetic frequency and lending a natural preservative capability beyond that of any other container available.
“My goal is to forge a new pathway in the field of beauty and health, by creating healing skin tonics and rituals for loving self care, grounded in an attitude of kindness toward the self and the planet. These products are designed to bring you back to yourself— the most natural , radiant version of yourself.”

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