BEHIND THE BRAND: Oxalis Apothecary

Please enjoy this interview with Oxalis Apothecary founder, Erin Wexstten
What catalyst propelled you to start Oxalis Apothecary five years ago?
 Plants and creating and being a designer all played a role in the concept of it. I became obsessed with the healing powers of plants and how I could use them in my everyday products. I was using natural products, I started getting into the research and started tinkering around with some potions, the more I delved into it, the more I appreciated the true power of plants.
You studied organic body care products with the East-West School for Herbal and Aromatic Studies, correct?
 I had been exploring with aromatherapy in 2014 and then went and got my certification. It is not required to have any type of certification, but I wanted to educate myself since I am self-taught.
How important is smell to wellness?
I learned there is nothing more powerful than scent. It is directly tied to our emotional well-being. The science is there. There are so many research studies on how it helps with anxiety and stress and dementia. In 2010 my father was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia. We started researching what we could do to help him, and so many things said to try rosemary. Grind up rosemary and stick it under this person’s nose before they take their test and see if it jogs their memory. That was a huge part for me, aromatherapy is real. And, it is also as simple as when things smell good, we feel better. Aromas are impactful and can alter your mood.
What would you say to someone skeptical about the healing power of scent?
 Research exists. I have witnessed it myself. I have three different body oils: Louisa, Reverie and Sanctuary. I made three scents because I could never have just one mood. I have to have an uplifting, lavender, calming citrus one for my every day. Louisa is my floral, my fresh when I need to feel strong and powerful. Sanctuary is there to make me feel grounded and supported. Every single morning when I’m putting on my body oils, I decide which one to use based on what I need. Call it psychosomatic, but they make me feel better.
If you had to choose, what are your two favorite products  for facial care? 
My Facial Cleanser is great at not drying out your skin, and it will draw out all the impurities from the day. Washing your face at night should not go undone, you must do it. It is the key to healthy skin. You turn over your skin cells. Use cleanser on a dry face. Clean hands. Dry face. Massage a quarter size and go to town for 30 seconds to a minute.
I love the Daily Glow serum because it gives you a nice hydrated, dewy look, especially when you use it after the toning mist. Any kind of oil-based serum you want to use when your face is damp. That is why toners are really important. Water is super alkaline and dries out the skin. You want to rebalance your skin, balance your pH, and toners set up the next product to work better.
What is one thing you do for your skin every day?
Drink water. Skin health is really gut health, sleep, water and the rest is skincare. 

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