We  always try to keep a great selection of trays in the store- not only do they lend themselves so handily to everyday life, they also are a wonder gift from wedding to housewarming and everything in between. 


CATCHALLS- These can be considered the workhorse of daily life. The Catchall tray is a gatherer, holding receipts, coins, eyeglasses, keys or bits of jewelry.  Perfect to keep near an entry, bedroom dresser or desk. Under this same category of organization is the traditional Valet tray, which often is collapsible with snaps at the corners, which makes it a great choice for travel. 

COFFEE TABLE: A great use for a larger tray, is on top of or in lieu of a coffee table. Placed on top of a larger coffee table, a tray can be used to create a focal point vignette with favorite objects, art books and candles.  

BEDSIDE: Similar to the use as a catchall, a medium sized tray works well as a bedside organizer, perfect to hold a glass of water or morning beverage, protecting the surface below but also hold life's necessities- books, eyeglasses, phone and remote. No bedside table? No problem. Use a tray on a side chair to create a sturdy, even surface. 

BATHROOM:What bathroom isn’t always in need of a little organization? A tray on the countertop is not only a great way to organize like minded products, it’s fantastic to keep those items most often used right at hand yet arranged in purposeful fashion.

SERVING: Maybe the most obvious, but we’ll bring it up anyway. A unique tray, elevates a food presentation- whether it’s popcorn and apples, a beautiful array of hors d'oeuvres shared with friends or a great way to stand out on a buffet table. Don’t forget the cocktails(!)  A statement tray immediately ups the presentation, elevates the visuals and does justice to the cocktails.  

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